DIY: Flax Seeds Hair Gel and How to Make it

I've transitioned from relaxed hair to my natural hair about three years ago, and I'm still discovering what products are good and not so good for my kinky curls. After the whole Shea Moisture debacle, I decided to do some research on what natural products would be good for my ...
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Product Review: Avivi Beauty Rejuvenate Body Oil

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When it comes to my after-shower routine I keep it pretty simple. I slap on some lotion and call it a day. However, thanks to 08liter, I was sent the AVIVI Beauty Rejuvenate Body Oil to try and review. I've never tried a body oil before ...
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10 Moisturizers That Can Combat Oily Skin

I don't know about you guys but no matter the season my face acts like that of an oil slick, it's always greasy! So for the longest time, I thought that there was no need to moisturize my face for my skin care regimen since my face already moisturizes itself ...
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