DIY: Flax Seeds Hair Gel and How to Make it

I’ve transitioned from relaxed hair to my natural hair about three years ago, and I’m still discovering what products are good and not so good for my kinky curls. After the whole Shea Moisture debacle, I decided to do some research on what natural products would be good for my hair and how I could make it myself. I came across an article that mentions the health benefits of flax seeds. Research has shown that flax seeds help with balancing the pH level in the scalp in addition to the oil production, which in turn could boost hair growth.

I’ve tried different types of hair gel for my hair and none of them really did the job for me, so I figured…why not make my own using flax seeds? And that’s what I did, and it’s really simple to make (but a tad messy). Here’s what you’ll need to make your own hair gel:


  • medium sized pot
  • 1/3 cup of flax seeds
  • 600mL of water
  • An applicator bottle
  • small funnel
  • a pair of pantyhose with the legs cut off
  • a medium-large cup to place the pantyhose in

How to make your hair gel:

Ok, so the first thing you’re going to do is measure about 600mL of water and pour it into your pot.

Add 1/3 cup of flax seeds into the pot of water

Place your pot on the stove and put the fire on medium heat.

Stir the pot every couple of minutes. At some point, your mixture may create a lot of bubbles in the pot. Stir the seeds for a couple seconds and it should go down.


Afer 5-8 minutes check on your pot. If you stir and it creates a “snot trail” (like pictured below) then you’re done! If not, boil the mixture a little bit longer until appears.

Once you’ve seen your “snot trail”, turn your stove off and set the pot aside someplace to cool. Let it cool for about 45-60 minutes. this helps to make the gel more viscous.

Once the mixture is cooled down, take your pantyhose and cover it over a medium or large cup like this:

Pour your gelatinous mixture (including seeds) into the cup.

Uncover the pantyhose from the cup. Now here comes the messy part…you’ll need to squeeze the gel out through the pantyhose back into the cup. We want to separate as much of the gel from the seeds as possible.

Once you’ve squeezed out as much gel as you can, take the top off your applicator bottle and place the funnel inside and pour your gel inside. And you’re finished!

I like to use this gel after I wash my hair to create better curl definition alongside w/ my leave-in conditioner. After a couple weeks the gel will become less gelatinous and more watery. It’s not as effective when watery. Also, I recommend storing your gel in a cool place, preferably your fridge until ready to use.

Note: if done correctly, you can make about 8oz of gel. In this picture, there’s only about 4oz because I boiled my seeds for too long.

In addition, if you don’t like the smell, add a few drops of your fave essential oil to your pot when boiling the flax seeds.